Healing Brilliantly and Unapologetically

Healing Brilliantly and Unapologetically

The human mind and psyche are infinitely complex and layered.  It is tempting to believe that, because we humans have the gift of rational thought, we also have our hands firmly on the steering wheel of our emotions and behavior.  It is normal to hope that there are simple and quick answers to our pain and our compulsions to repeat old patterns.  It is tempting to believe that we can be cured by a pill or just the right advice.  I have come to believe that our pain and repetitive patterns live deep within the mind.  To truly get at our repeated patterns takes time, a safe therapeutic relationship and a commitment to knowing the self deeply.

It can be helpful for patients to imagine their minds as  intricate and extensive trail systems. Language is the best vehicle we have to navigate those trails.  Some days you will come in and there will be a fire on the mountain trail that must be tended to immediately.  Other days the sky will be blue, the breeze light and your legs will feel strong and you can wander down trails you don’t often get to wander.  As you wander down the paths of your psyche with words you can begin to understand the self enough to get a better grip on the steering wheel and even form new pathways. 



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