When life feels overwhelming or we are stalled out we need more than just a friendly ear.  We need to know we are gaining new perspective and self-awareness that will lead to meaningful change. I am most called to work with the "black sheep" of the world.  To notice and celebrate the resilience of those who feel deeply misunderstood, wrongly diagnosed, broken or "damaged"… those who have become convinced that there is something wrong with who they are in the world.  

Modern Psychoanalysis balances several different beliefs.  Emotions are not good or bad, instead they are messages that we are meant to honor. The goal of analysis is to become friends with a range of emotional states instead of attempting to get rid of or change those emotional states.  Modern Psychoanalysis recognizes that being curious about ourselves will lead to more sustainable ease and satisfaction in life. More than anything, though, Modern Psychoanalysts understand that being seen and heard is rare medicine in this world and that when we receive this medicine our wounds can heal and our brains can re-wire.

My voicemail and email accounts are private and confidential.  I will return your call or respond to your email within 24 hours Monday- Friday.